BitTorrent News Channel to be launched shortly.

BitTorrent News Channel to be launched shortly.


BitTorrent, being well known for file-sharing, may now also be known for much more in the future with the launch of BitTorrent News- a news network created by the company BitTorrent Inc. This company also has a service dedicated to streaming music as well as P2P file sharing. It is said that this news network will be launched on 18 July, 2016.

The launch and commencement of operations will take place in Cleveland, at the Republican National Convention. This news reporting service will start streaming live from there and will be available on BitTorrent Live. With the American elections around the corner, the launch has been chosen very strategically, since the 18th of July also marks the beginning for the Republican National Convention. This network, BitTorrent News, therefore falls in line with the US elections.

This BitTorrent News network is different to other news channels, in that there seem to be no plans for 24-hour airing content in the initial phases; but rather content of approximately 12 hours, streamed live. There has also been no mention whether the network will be running on 24-hour schedules.

At present, it is acknowledged that during the launch, the main focus will be the Republican National Convention and expectancies of seeing Donald Trump more are on the increase. However, the company made it clear that after the convention, this news channel would also be focussed on other fields and areas.

Prior to being appointed as the news director for the news network, Harrison Bohrman was employed- for a brief three months- by Vice Media. He is also a former producer for CNN and with his appointment BitTorrent News might have started a rivalry with this former employer. This is due to Harrison Bohrman being a well reputed name among those in the reporting industry.

In an interview with BitTorrent’s Vice-president of Media, Erik Schwartz, admittedly stated that it is difficult to appeal to an online generation and that this news network aims to do exactly that by learning from the users’ behaviour. This is obtained by making use of various tools and through data gathered. BitTorrent News as an unbiased news network have committed themselves to having a voice that is independent, however this is yet to be determined.

Currently, this live streaming channel is specifically for use on OS X as well as Apple TV. This news channel can only be viewed on both of these platforms through the BitTorrent Live application. Additional platforms have also been identified by BitTorrent Inc. and will be made available to in the near future.