Here comes your best recording partner!!!

BM-800 microphone with plastic shock mount is an high tech microphone with make your recording more easy .This high tech microphone are more useful for musician and all who are related to recorded world


Let’s look on the features of this amazing high tech microphone

  • Circuit control, adopts electronic and gold-plated diaphragm capsule, highlight -texture are some amazing feature which this tech encapsulate in it.
  • This tech is designed to minimize background noise and isolate the main sound source which is always needed for musicians , singers and all the people related to the recording world
  • Its amazing WIDE FREQUENCY response (20Hz-20KHz) enhance the vocal performance makes your sound clear, natural and even more vibrant which gives immense pleasure to the music lover who like to listen music all day long
  • Even for the student’s they are the perfect option as its 3.5mm stereo plug fit for most PC
  • For protecting mic SHOCK mount of metal has be constructed with foam in it so no harm to the mic is done
  • To ensure clear sound quality foam cap are introduced so as to reduce extra noise
  • As mentioned above these microphone are ideal choice for radio broadcasting studio, voice recording, in live shows and so on.

Some important points to be kept in mind:

  • These high tech microphone have some requirement so that they could work properly. These condense microphone only work with the devices that provide them sufficient power to work. If you want to connect these microphone to your desktop , I am sorry to say they will not work alone, if connected with your laptop atleast use 48V phantom power so you could get clear, pure, proper sound and energy. To get this you need to plug in your laptop charger while you are working with these high tech microphones
  • If not provided with 48V phantom power the sound which will be recorded might be low and unpleasant to hear.
  • These microphone doesn’t work with mobile phones and tablet computer
  • Even a sound card can be used if you are not satisfied with the sound effects
  • Just to avoid the recording noise due to amplifier these microphones should be kept maintaining little distance


Some extra features/specification

  • These microphone are of wired type.
  • They have Uni-directional polar pattern
  • They give you frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz
  • They are compatible with almost all OS like LINUX ,WINDOWS 2000, WINDOW 7, WINDOWS  XP, WINDOWS 98 , WINDOWS VISTA,MAC OS , WINDOWS ME , WINDOWS 98SE.
  • These microphone are used in Radio Broadcasting Studio,  voice recording and many more.
  • These microphone’s are not heavy to carry as, they weight only 0.350 kg.
  • Package weight 0.440 kg
  • Thinking about the size? The size of these microphone are(L*W*H): 5.0*5.0*16.0 cm / 1.97* 1.97* 6.29 inches.
  • Package size (L* W *H):15.0* 10.0* 4.0 cm/ 5.90 * 3.93* 1.57 inches
  • Package contents: 1 * BM-800 condenser sound recording microphone , 1 * Plastic shock mount kit , 1* anti-wind Foam cap , 1* Audio connect cable , 1* English Manual.

Wrapping up

All and all a good product to have and worth using for . specially  for all those who are related to music field or some or the other recording field.This product need to look after properly so as to make it work properly and for a long time. You can get this awesome product from for just under $16+ worldwide free shipping..