Broadband vs Dongle – A Comparative analysis

Broadband vs Dongle – A Comparative analysis


In today’s world, Internet is strictly an element that can be used for various purposes. It is not only a platform for people to showcase their talent, but it is also a place where a lot of information as well as excellent social networking can travel to help you in your ambitions. No longer is it confined to only the elite, broadband or Internet services have now been able to reach the masses. So, one can enjoy a lot of Internet activities sitting in the comfort of their own house, and not exactly have to worry about any kind of problems in relation to the connection.

However, there are certain instances which will be able to enlighten the people on what kind of network connection should they be loåoking at. An age-old discussion would be in direct relation to Broadband vs Dongle. People are actually confused about the choice of Internet that they would like to go for.

Below mentioned are some of the Broadband vs Dongle arguments that you need to look at: –

Speed: –telstra

  • Average speed of a Dongle- Upto 21Mbps.
  • Average speed of a Broadband Connection- Upto Gbps.

In this event, what you actually see are two network connectivity platforms, but they differ a lot when it comes to the average speed. So, this is something that you got to be wary about when you’re looking out for Internet connection for your work purposes as well as to find it suitable for your other needs.

Connectivity: –

  • Dongle: -2G/3G/4G
  • Broadband: – DSL, Cable Modem, Fiber cable, over Powerlines, T1, T3

If you are looking out for the various kinds of broadband connections and dongle connectivity, then the above-mentioned features are what you need to look out for. These are connectivity platforms that can help you to understand the kind of speed that you will be able to extract from that particular connection. If you want best internet speed and without connection loss broadband is best. You will not experience such lags in internet speed on broadband compared to Dongle. As dongle depends on wireless mobile network where broadband is fixed-line and directly connected to their hub.

Portability: –

  • Dongle: – Portable
  • Broadband: – Not Portable


When it comes to the issue of portability, you find that going for the dongle is the best way for you to get portability underway. After all, this particular service is basically wireless, ensuring that there are no network connectivity issues or power lines that you need to put in order to get access to the Internet connection. However, when it comes to the use of the broadband, you find that you need optical fiber, as well as other materials that will be able to aid in the connection. So, the connectivity is fixed, and it is not at all portable. So, you’d actually be able to see that going for the broadband connection is not at all feasible for the people that happen to be travelling a lot. However, for those that want a steady connection in their house, a broadband connection is the ideal connectivity platform.

Price –

ISP around the world have different prices for different plans. If you looking for cheaper and steady internet connection fixedline broadband is worth for the money. If you looking for portability and easy to setup internet, dongle will cost a bit more then the broadband.

Conclusion: –

When you travel around a lot, a mobile Internet connection or a dongle is your best alternative. However, if you have a fixed position of work, then getting a broadband connection should be the obvious choice for you..