Cell Phone Detective Revolutionary Features for Mobile Phone

Cell Phone Detective Revolutionary Features for Mobile Phone



Becoming a cell phone detective can be a fascinating experience for a mobile user. There are revolutionary features that come with mobile spy applications that are getting better each day. Launching its cell spy stealth mobile spyware app, cell phone detective allows you to incredibly enjoy the spy technology that is being used by the law enforcement agencies. As a mobile user it is now possible to do some spying and detective work in order to monitor the people who matter to you the most.

Parents Using Cell Phone Detective to Spy on their Children

Children can become very stubborn most of the time and this kind of attitude can become a very serious concern among parents. The spy detective mobile application offers parents the ability to track down all the activities of their children without the need of physical access to their mobile devices. The application can also run on a stealth mode meaning children will have no idea that they are being monitored by their parents. The moment the application is downloaded and installed on the target device it will start monitoring the spy program and will send the tracking report to the parent’s cell phone detective account. The report can provide parents the following information that can help them to effectively exercise better parental control and monitoring ability on their children and their activities:

  • Call logs made on the monitored device
  • Copy of the contact list
  • Mobile browsing history
  • Email communication, SMS and text messages received and made from your child’s phone
  • Location tracker 24/7

Using cell phone detective to your business advantage

If you are wondering whether your employees are doing their work responsibilities more diligently, you can use cell phone detective work to monitor their productive activities during working hours. Managers will have a better way of tracking down the work of their employees and their efficiency in their work responsibilities without the need to take possession of the mobile devices used by their employees. By simply running the cell spy stealth mobile spyware app on the company issued phone that the employees use at work, managers have the ability to know whether trade secrets are shared by employees to third parties while consistently monitoring how they use their time at work for productivity. Here are some of the incredible features of using cell phone detective applications to the business owner’s advantage:

  • Monitor chat, email, SMS and text communications made by the employees
  • Monitor the mobile browsing activities of the employees
  • Location tracker report to know whether your employee is going to the correct location where the delivery of your business services is expected.
  • Call log report with time stamped to know whether your employee is making an official or personal call using the company resources.

Compatibility of cell phone detective application

You can enjoy a new layer of security using mobile spy software. The application is compatible to iOS and Android devices allowing more mobile users to enjoy the best features of mobile spy software to keep track on their children and business while enjoying a better peace of mind without the need to be in physical possession of the tracked mobile phone.