DELL XPS 13 is Best Laptop for a Photographer

DELL XPS 13 is Best Laptop for a Photographer


Laptops today have become a very useful tool for photographers.Their portability and effectiveness makes it a priceless tech piece in a photographer’s arsenal. However not every laptop is useful for photographers, technology has advanced well today and laptops have become a variety from low end to super high end computers. What photographers need right now is some laptops who can handle image editing and advanced video processing powers. The only laptop that can bring in quality, endurance, processing power and mobility all in one small 13 inch super light laptop is DELL XPS 13

Dell XPS13 is one of the best Ultrabook laptops in the market. Its outstanding beauty combined with versatile specs makes it a real alternative for all photographers out there. This laptop can basically handle everything that you want especially graphics and photo editing. There aren’t a lot of laptops out there who can do what this beast can. Dell XPS13 comes as close as you can get to a perfect Ultrabook. It’s a very good performer, looks good, builds well, fantastic screen, pretty good inputs and all within a good price. It’s one of the few devices that have top tear build quality, top tear performance ready to handle all tech needs a photographer has.


It has a long battery life combined with a stylish aluminum case which makes it look good and feels even better working at it for prolong hours. It’s comprised of high end sixth-generation Intel Core CPUs. With a 1920x 1080 display, and a 13 inch screen in a 12 inch body this Ultrabook laptop is one of the thinnest and classiest out there. Dell’s XPS13 keeps the same big display and small form factor that helped make last year’s model the best Ultrabook of 2015. However it has a fairly small keyboard, its webcam is in a fairly odd position and I would really like that this version to have one more USB port. But certainly these aren’t deal killers. The advantage in this laptop is that you can use advanced high end software like Photoshop and multitask easily using several applications at once. The XPS13 comes packed with the latest windows 10 operating system; however they don’t have an automatic update system making it a pain sometimes but nothing that can’t be fixed with an update.

All in all Dell XPS 13 is an exceptional laptop with a great build that will be very suitable to photographers out there. With a beautiful display this laptop offers a variety of options to play with and help photographers in their tasks and demands. This is a truly compact Ultrabook with a screen that punches out its class!