Emish X800 Android lollipop TV Box Review

Emish X800 Android lollipop TV Box Review


Well, when it comes to television, everyone likes to get quality associated with it. After all, nobody would like to watch a grainy picture, particularly if it is of a show that they have been eagerly anticipating for the entire week. So, going for the Emish X800 TV Box Android 5.1.1 would prove to be a logical reasoning for many. When people are looking out for something more than a simple streaming box, they should prefer to go for this wonderful product. It has the ability of running any type of compatible android application on your television itself. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about the functionality, neither about the compatibility issues.


Running on the capable android 5.1.1 operating system, you get the latest support as well as excellent features that combine and come together in order to provide you with excellent movie and television content. You will be able to stream all the content from the Internet onto your television, and not have to worry about missing a single show from now on. It has dedicated hardware that shall be decoding each and every aspect of local media to be played into your television.

Features of Emish X800 TV Box Android 5.1.1: –

  • 4K and 2K: – This is to provide you with the best possible video and audio quality.
  • Central processing unit: – Rockchip 3368 64 Bit Octa Core
  • Graphical processing unit: – PowerVR G6110.
  • XMBC: – support of XMBC which entitles all the popular video and audio formats to be played.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: – Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for all the Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • HDMI: – you can directly connect your television to the box, so as to get excellent home cinematic and multimedia experiences.
  • RAM: – 1GB
  • ROM: – 16 GB
  • USB: – 2 USB ports for appropriate data transfer and connecting of input devices.
  • Remote control: – The presence of infrared remote control in order to bring wireless television viewing your hands.
  • DLNA: – supported.

Advantages of Emish X800 TV Box Android 5.1.1: –

  • The presence of latest android operating system provides excellent application support.
  • LAN facility to check with other devices and share information.
  • Supports 3-D movies.
  • The presence of the motivator air mouse for playing games like tennis, shooting, etc.
  • Over 24 languages supported.

Disadvantages of Emish X800 TV Box Android 5.1.1: –

  • The price could have been a tad bit lower.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is not the best, and sometimes one can get network problems if there are a lot of barriers in between the connection and the device.


All in all, one can seriously say that the Emish X800 TV Box Android 5.1.1 is a wonderful contender to be found in your house. All your entertainment needs in terms of streaming will be easily given the due service with this particular service. You need not have to worry about any kind of problems of any sort while using this product. You can buy this product from Gearbest for amazing price of 62$ + Free worldwide shipping..