Google Daydream : Dont Know? Find out

Google Daydream : Dont Know? Find out


The Cardboard from Google known Google`s Cardboard has validated to us that virtual reality is indeed more than just a pipe dream. Cheap cardboard headsets gives bargaining chips to smartphones to manifest Virtual reality low level make shift head mounted experiences. For those who can`t afford to pay US$600 for a Rift or a $900 for a Vive, these cheap Cardboards were a way to preserve their fantasies amidst Daydream was becoming a part of reality at Google.

Concept : Idea behind Google Daydream

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The concept on which it is build is almost like a cardboard that we normally see nowadays in market.

Talking about software, Daydream with its Virtual Reality tools will all be stewed into the forthcoming Android N. The users will be able to switch between the two modes that are Virtual reality and traditional mode.

With Cardboard’s ratchets still in place, we can expect things like Virtual Reality versions of YouTube and street view, it will also arrive with VR versions of new apps that are compatible with daydream such as HBO Now, CNN,, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Hulu, IMAX and Netflix.

Hardware is being built by top notch device manufacturers to give ultimate Daydream experience. And it will also come with a remote control.

Google Knows:

  • That however the media might be excited for top notch VR headsets such oculus Vive or rift but the main market is being swept by the cardboard. The apps for cardboards have tremendously transcended 50 million download, said by Clay bavor, who is the head of Virtual Reality at Google.
  • Nevertheless high end developers such as HTC and oculus are bending their spines working for high level mesmeric experiences, but they are unable to reach the masses due to their higher tag price and the supplement hardware power needed to support them. And that is why Google`s Cardboards are overtaking the market.

According to Google, Virtual reality proliferation will be done through the smartphones using headset rather than on some other system like oculus has done. With the daydream hardware, Google is trying to not only establish itself on hardware side but also on software side.

  • Through Daydream, “Google is helping to close another massive hole within the VR industry — that is, the gap between the growing number of devices to view VR experiences and the limited amount of immersive content available to consumers,” said YouVisit’s Mandelbaum.

With daydream Google will be trying to own the market of virtual reality, however google has a dubious record of failing in falling through. “Daydream VR appears to be the new strategic direction for Google VR,” Enderle said, but “be aware that Google has the attention span of a small child on sugar, so how long this will remain ‘strategic’ will likely be measured in month.”

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Google also has to be aware that rival companies are watching through and will be ready to launch some of their own products following the daydream. And its biggest rival Apple may now seem in sleep over VR, but maybe busy in labs working for their own version.