Google in-house Android Wear smartwatches is Under Development

Google in-house Android Wear smartwatches is Under Development


Google’s new project is its own Android Wear smartwatch and with two versions of it.

According to a source, the latest smart watches will be branded by nexus and will be launched sometime after the Nexus smartphones are exposed. One of the smartwatch will be larger one with a sporty look and would feature LTE, heart rate, GPS, etc. The other one will be smaller version of it but won’t offer GPS and Mobile data. Both the smartwatches will offer Google Assistant integration that was announced at Google I/O

According to the source, both watches will probably come with circular displays, however thankfully no flat tire. The bigger version is said to be code named as Angelfish which will be alike to the present Moto 360 but will have a distinct look. It will have a smooth housing figure that curves where the smartwatch band meets the body and lugs. It will consist of three buttons; one big circular crown button with two smaller circular buttons below and above it. The dia is said to be 43.5 mm which is lesser than the 46mm Moto 360 smartwatch and larger than the typical 42mm edition. The smart watch will come in dull dark gray finish called titanium with no other corroboration of color options. There is likelihood that this model could be used as a separate smartwatch as Google publicized standalone Wear apps at I/O with Wear 2.0 update.

The second version will be a sleeker model code named Swordfish. This one would be analogous to the Pebble Time Round devoid of the large screen bezel. It will have a solitary button on the right-hand side and will be thinner and smaller than Angelfish with a diameter of just 42mm and a thickness of 10.6mm which is 0.8mm thinner than the present Moto 360.

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