Google Project Bloks : Bringing you platform to learn Programming faster

Google Project Bloks : Bringing you platform to learn Programming faster


Google says that programming is a way to develop computational and creativity thinking. This vision is supported by the diverse countries from all around the world and few of them have even incorporated the coding language as compulsory subject in schools. The latest efforts by Google was to make coding more reachable and easier, the search giant has united with the design firm IDEO and Stanford University to start a new program called ‘Project Blok’.

Project blok is an open platform made to help the kids to learn programming easily. With the help of material components, ‘Bloks’ is used by kids as a reference design to make a physical ‘program’ that will control real world objects. Purposely targeted at kids, this structure consists of 3 core blocks that are Baseboard, Brain Board and Pucks. The Brain Board that is a raspberry pi-based acts as the chief controller that too houses communication and power parts.

A small block that has the function of a home that provides haptic, LED and audio feedback are called base board. The control modules that are made to carry out a solitary function like on and off, decreasing and increasing volume, go, stop etc are called little pucks. When linked to a base board or a new case board, a little puck sends the precise commands to the brain board. Google means to teach kids the logic behind simple fundamentals and coding, with the Project Blok. With this corporeal coding initiative, kids can clasp the basic skills and can transmit them to the real-world applications.

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