Google’s My Activity Page : Check out what Google Know about you

Google’s My Activity Page : Check out what Google Know about you


Everyone knows that the search giant Google is the ruler of our online world and it is familiar with a great deal about users. It tracks the most activities of users like search history, the websites we visit and the places we travel. Google tries to uphold a clean image by showing everything publicly and benevolent to the end-users complete control over their data.

Google is now here with a new ‘My Activity Page’ that shows the whole thing you do online. Google has labeled this activity page a vital place to manage and view your activity, your favorite videos and the most visited website.

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The page lists mainly the recent activity first and clusters alike activities together. Users can find out the things used in the past and delete explicit items.

It is known fact that Google uses all these info to serve and provide its users the better services, display more relevant ads and suggest more helpful stuff.

On the other hand, if you want to wipe out certain data that Google should leave out, feel free to delete such info. This ‘My Activity page’ lists info from Ads, Searches, Android, Play, Chrome, Image Searches, Video Searches, YouTube, News, Books, Maps, Google Now, Help, Finance, Shopping, and Developers.

So go ahead and visit your new My Activity page on Google and take a look.