Gpd G5A Game Tablet PC – A Portable Gaming Extravaganza

Gpd G5A Game Tablet PC – A Portable Gaming Extravaganza


As it is, the use of tablets in our daily life is mostly to take care of the work when we’re travelling, and to also play games. However, since the tablets are to be used for work purposes, they are not specifically tuned towards playing games. Which is why, they lack hardware capabilities as well as software compatibility issues crop up now and then. Most of the time, even though the tablets may play games, there do not have that bite.


At this particular juncture, if you are an avid gamer it is important that you actually place importance on getting the best possible gaming device that can help you to play games seamlessly, and without any kind of problems. As it so happens, there is a tablet which goes by the name of 5 inch Gpd G5A Game Tablet PC that can help you to play wonderful games without any kind of issues or problems.

Here’s a look at some of the features of 5 inch Gpd G5A Game Tablet PC: –

CPU: – RK3188

GPU: – Maili-400

Core: – Quad core 1.6 GHz

RAM: 1GB has the full capability of letting you play the most hard-core games and your tablet.

ROM: – 8GB is the internal memory, which happens to be enough to play quality games. However, if need be, you could incorporate the use of external memory card.

Screen Size: – 5 inches with display resolution of 1280 X 720, which contains full viewing angles which will be able to provide extreme details and excellent lifelike pictures.

Operating System: – Android 4.4 is the operating system, and has been able to provide excellent compatibility for most of the games that can be found in the tablet platform. Since it is the latest system, that contains excellent touch interface, it will not have any issues with the new games out in the market.

High-definition touchscreen facility has also been coupled with the wonderful quad core processor so as to make the game playing extremely smooth. It also contains the perfect NDS emulator which will be compatible enough in order to help you play the NDS games without any kind of problems. It can also help you to play the arcade games freely, and without any kind of inhibitions.


The presence of multipoint action games can actually help you to get the perfect feeling of playing with your own specifications. There is absolutely no problem in the gameplay or in the fact that it is the best gaming product in the market.

The bottoms located in the tablet are more or less similar to a PS4. This can make it extremely easy for the people looking for the transition from their PS4 to the tablet. This will be excellent and accurate, and also provides you with the full functionality that you want to watch towards this particular design. The advanced key mapping feature will also work extremely well with the android touch facility within the product.


All in all, this is a wonderful gaming device, that not only blows away your mind with its wonderful compatibility, but it has been specifically tuned keeping in mind all the gamers and the difficulties that they have played tablets. This is the perfect tool for you to try out the new game, and be hooked onto gaming when you travel.You can buy this amazing Gadget from for 83$ + free shipping today.

The hardware is the best when it comes to mobile gaming, and it will definitely provide you with the pleasures that you need in order to enjoy games in your tablet..