Hayo is what you will get when you combination an Amazon ....

Hayo is what you will get when you combination an Amazon . com Echo having a Kinect


Hayo’ t pitch video clip could use several work. It’ s stilted and unusual and has several trouble offerring precisely what the item does, due in part in order to holographic representations of the product’ s efficiency. It’ ersus clear how the product is various and possibly compelling — but it’ s not really exactly obvious what it really does.

Earlier immediately, I sitting down with all the company’ ersus co-founders Gisè le Belliot and José Alonso Ybanez Zepeda, together with Uber co-founder-turned-investor Oscar Salazar, to discuss the item. The company’ s ramping up for the formal statement at DE TELLES, in conjunction with the release of an Indiegogo campaign, plus it’ t still exercising some of the kinks around contextualizing its item.

We fulfilled up in a shared work area in New york, in a conference room composed to look like a living space — aside from the big design paper cut-outs of control keys like Enjoy and Stop adhered to various surfaces (another shorthand creation of the product’ s functionality).

By way of shorter form this elevator ride, I’ d explain the new venture thusly: It’ s Amazon . com Echo using a Kinect digital camera built in. Instead of voice instructions, you’ ve got actions.

In some ways Hayo is designed to satisfy similar efficiency as Amazon’ s equipment — a kind of connected house hub that will ties jointly various sensible devices — lights, songs, thermostat, and so forth When you obtain down to it, the options are really unlimited when it comes to motion controls within a three-dimensional area.

The company can be, understandably, beginning simply concerning functionality. From launch, the device will allow you designate ten “ buttons” per gadget. A switch here is a stage in room — the surface upon, say, the wall or even table. Every button could be assigned 2 different features, which can modify based on factors like period and consumer.

All of that is definitely chosen throughout the set-up procedure. Ybanez Zepeda walked myself through a tough demo from the company’ h app, which gives a THREE DIMENSIONAL image of the space captured by Hayo. The consumer chooses where you can place the control keys on that will model plus determines their particular functionality depending on a list of instructions pulled in the devices linked on the system.


Within the demo, coming in contact with the desk in one location started plus stopped songs via a linked Sonos gamer. Tapping somewhere else on the table advancements tracks. Coming in contact with a wall structure, meanwhile, transforms the linked lightbulb off and on. You get the particular picture. Right now, the only completely gesture-based efficiency is the slider — the consumer holds their particular hand in the environment (the program flashes a little blue lighting when spotted), then movements it up or even down to change things like quantity, lighting or even temperature.

The entire functionality — like just about everything else — is very a lot still within the early stages right here. The company is going to be gauging customer comments after release to determine the device’ s complete suite associated with functions in order to hits store. Other options include safety, like notifying home owners regarding intruders or even setting notifications for dangerous spaces.

Currently, the system doesn’ t depend on facial acknowledgement for recognition — instead, it organizations users depending on their common size. It’ s fairly rudimentary plus it’ h easy to see exactly how height can ultimately become a problematic differentiator when trying to distinguish age users to be able to utilize parent controls. Long term functionality can rely on a far more complete picture/profile of the consumer or even differentiate people depending on gait.


Price point will definitely be an aspect — in fact, a huge component of Alexa’ ersus success has been Amazon’ h ability to supply hardware near to cost. Once again, we’ lso are still within the early stages, however the company is definitely looking at maintaining Hayo “ under $300, ” a good admittedly wide price point — which could possibly be prohibitively expensive the greater up you decide to go.

The product’ s achievement will also rely on how much efficiency the device commences with — which will be, simply, up to third-party developers. Video gaming could definitely be an alternative for a THREE DIMENSIONAL camera that will detects motion, as we’ ve observed in the past. Plus, of course , the business should possibly do something about that will video.