How to Multi window on OnePlus One

How to Multi window on OnePlus One


Hi, Today in this post i will guide you how to add multi window feature on your OnePlus one. This feature will enable use to use two apps simultaneously on you one plus one at a time. Oneplus one having 3 gb ram which means it can do lots of work in one time. But we are limited to one app on one screen so in this tutorial i will simply going to help you enhance your OnePlus one so that you can utilize the powerful ram and performance, By running 2 apps at a time.





Required :

  • Rooted OnePlus one


How to do :


Step 1 :

Download all files 

Xposed installer :

Multiwindow sidebar :

xMultiwindow :


Step 2 :

Install xposed installer without opening the app install Multiwindow sidebar.

Step 3 :

Open xposed installer and click on framework and then click on framework (ignore the caution pop up) and then click on Install/Update after that it will ask for reboot system dont reboot your device.



Step 4:

Now Install xmultiwindow  and then go to your xposed installer and select modules from drop down menu you will find xmultiwindow in modules section just check it.






Now all you need is to reboot device so simple go to framework again and hit Reboot.

Step 5 : (Setting up modules)

After reboot your device is ready for the multi window feature. Just tab the multiwindow sidebar icon, you will find it in your app list. and then click on select apps and add your apps that you want to multi task.


After that you have to select modes for that click on Drag launch mode and select your mode according to your preference same with Tap launch mode. By default we selected :

  • XMultiWindow in Drag launch mode
  • XMultiWindow (Bottom) in tap launch mode

Step 6 : (Activating Sidebar)

Then just hit play button on top right corner you will see the sidebar drawer pop up in left side of your phone

Simply drag apps on your mobile screen one in top area and second in bottom area you will see both apps running simultaneously.


This is how the whole process goes. Follow all the above steps to achieve this. it is very simple way to get multiwindow work on your awesome oneplus one. If you have any query do leave a comment in comment section, Follow us on social sites for more updates..