Microsoft Claims New “Edge browser” is 70% more power efficient than Chrome

Microsoft Claims New “Edge browser” is 70% more power efficient than Chrome


Microsoft has recently released a video claiming that the Edge web browser gives you upto 36%- 53% extra battery life as compared to its rival web browser that as chrome, firefox and opera. The battery life is the most important aspect of a laptop and many users suffers from low battery life. And then combine it with Ram hogging browser and you have prepared for perfect disaster. According to microsoft’s latest advertisements, you can browse for longer using the edge web browser.

As a part of a campaign to tell the masses about plus points of its Edge web browser. In new video promo Microsoft shows why using “Firefox, chrome and opera on your laptop might not be such a good idea”. Microsoft claims that it has tested the entire four web browser in controlled environment and thus reaches up to this conclusion.

Its power-saving enhancements like lesser memory use, fewer CPU cycles, minimizing background processes, Edge web browser is made to maximize your battery life and hardware’s potential as told by Microsoft. The company did these tests on 4 identical Surface book laptops and then automated the browsers to perform identical activities.

[themify_box style=”highlight” ]The Test results bring it into the picture that Microsoft Edge web browser is more energy efficient in comparison to all three and gives you up to 36%-53% extra battery. In the uploaded video, RAM-killer Chrome just lasted 4 hours and 19 minutes while Edge lasted for 7 hours and 22 minutes running the same content.[/themify_box]

Microsoft is trying to use its Edge browsers as one of the biggest selling points of Windows 10. Microsoft is making continuous improvements to this web browser inside windows 10 insider.

Thanks to these tweaks, gradually and slowly Edge is gaining some market.