NASA Released Space live-footage of the Earth

NASA Released Space live-footage of the Earth


Everyone had that babyhood dream to turn out to be an astronaut. However everyone can’t go on becoming one but can only imagine the sensation Neil Armstrong had when the Apollo for first time crossed the earth’s atmosphere, staring at the blue planet from the outer space. What a breathtaking and magnificent view that would that have been.

Now, with the progression in the technology, you can familiarize yourself with the same feeling. Submerge yourself into the picturesque view of the mother earth. See and understand what it looks like from the dark space in real time, and that too sitting on your couch.

The United States space agency NASA has done a praiseworthy job of capturing and showing footage of earth through cameras that are placed on the ISS (International Space Station). The project titled as HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) uses four HD cameras to capture the earth from outer dark space. The live feed is then streamed through Ustream, an IBM administered video hosting platform.

NASA’s Ustream channel also shows prerecorded feeds which vary by a matter of few hours from the live feed. The project was commenced back in 2014 and is now doing pretty well. To open the website to view stream go to ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment.