PC-058 Professional – Omnidirectional Dual Track Microphone Review

PC-058 Professional – Omnidirectional Dual Track Microphone Review


Singing into a microphone has been the dream for millions of people across the world. Even the bathroom singers prefer to mimic the showerhead for a microphone. After all, who would not like to give in to the temptation of becoming famous, particularly for their baritone and singing prowess? With a lot of people looking into singing as a profession, they feel that this can actually be a lucrative way with which they will be able to gain Glamour and popularity along with money within a short period of time.

However, as a platform, they need to first get the basics correct. Taking singing lessons and also finding the right kind of equipment that will be able to help them record their own songs is very much important. With the onslaught of the personal computer, taking the help of the PC-058 Professional Omnidirectional 3.5mm Dual Track Microphone would actually be a wonderful thing for that person. It is with this microphone that they would be able to record their songs as well as their diction without any issues whatsoever. This vintage style microphone is definitely a looker, and continues to provide excellent voice recognition and reception even after a few years down the line.

Main features of the PC-058 Professional Omnidirectional 3.5mm Dual Track Microphone: –

  • Connector cord: 3.5mm
  • Sensitivity: -38dB+-2dB
  • Directivity of the mic: Omni-directonal
  • Frequency response: 20-20 kHz
  • Length of the cord: About 2.2 m
  • Sensitivity to the mic: 55dB±3dB
  • Impedance: <10k

While, one can probably say that this particular microphone unit may seem to be a tad bit old, it is definitely something that you would want to be incorporated into your own recording system. It is durable, and the classic old-fashioned design can actually make it a wonderful choice to be incorporated into your recording instruments. With a 3.5 MM jack, compatibility is universal. Moreover, it is ideal for any kind of recording, singing, or Internet telephony or any other features that you want to get rid incorporated. Online chatting as well as any kind of audio operations that you would like to do with this microphone, you’re welcome.

It is attractive, and the chrome display of the microphone is something that will attract you instantly to this particular unit. After all, the design as well as the total size taken by the PC-058 Professional Omnidirectional 3.5mm Dual Track Microphone is such that you need not have to worry about its compatibility even with a very small amount of space on your desk. It is perfect for the personal computer use, and the specifications are such that it will be ideal for any kind of usage. Overall, when it comes to the kind of issues that you would want it to undertake, you will find that there are no complications for you to hook it up.

The user details for the PC-058 Professional Omnidirectional 3.5mm Dual Track Microphone is extremely easy to read, and very simple to understand. There are absolutely no issues that you would have to face when you go for incorporating this particular product into your recording instrument.


However, in the form of disadvantages, this is not your run-of-the-mill microphone. Yes, you cannot just strap it over your head, and make use of it. You would need to settle down on the next table, and maintain a specific distance from the mike in order to capture your voice accurately. While this could be a problem for the people that would not like to adjust a lot when sitting at a particular position, the possesses no amount of strain to the people that like to sit and fidget around. You can buy this awesome Gadget for just $7.31 wtih Free worldwide shuipping from Gearbest.com