Pebble Smartwatch is still best to buy in 2014

Pebble Smartwatch is still best to buy in 2014


Pebble is basic and very powerful smart watch, Its build with plastic but will get most of the work done. Notifications,messages,alarm,stopwatch,watch faces and more. Pebble is very capable of doing all these stuff. You can get the basic pebble under 100$. Which is best for the money. Pebble is sturdy,waterproof and most advancely customizable. One of the best thing about pebble is that its compatible with the best Mobile Operating system,It works on Android and iOS as well.

Pebble team tried to make the smartwatch so simple and very easy to use by keeping the usability in mind. That you don’t even feel it on your wrist. It will always keeps you up to date with all the notifications you set your pebble to get. This little device will never let you miss any single notification and will keep you up to date. Pebble team work hard to develope the simple software and UI so that any user can use it without taking time to understand.

Why to buy Pebble over all other smart watches?

These are main reasons why Pebble stands out from all other smart watches.

  • Compatibility :- It work flawlessly with both Android and iOS.
  • Long Battery life :- Full charge pebble can work week long.
  • Water resistance :- Water resistance up to 50 Meters can said its an Waterproof watch.
  • Daylight Readability :- Pebble watch got the best display for daylight Readability. (Got paper display)
  • Workability :-  It can do 80% of work  that all other smartwatch can do. 20% are the work which it can’t do are due to lack of hardwares.
  • Price :- It costs way lesser than all other smart watches.

Hardware modification in Pebble

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.59.26 PM

You can not do much with hardware like the components soldered inside the device chip. But most probably you can do lots of customization in its appearance. By changing frames, straps etc.

Apps for Pebble

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Pebble comes with official SDk. Which allows developer to explore and do more with pebble. There are many apps already made by Third party Developers for both android and iOS device.


For the low price getting everything packed in small little watch just under 100$. Pebble is best out of all the watches. It looks trendy and very cool. The plastic looks catch eyes of every person. If you not loving the plastic you can change frames and strap accordingly, It will surely cost extra. But other then these things Pebble are capable to stand in row of smartwatch in 2014 even. Its the best budget watch for the smartwatch lover,business man, sportsman and even kids who love tech. This watch made for one and for all..