Satellogic raises $27M for inexpensive, high-resolution image resolution satellites

Satellogic raises $27M for inexpensive, high-resolution image resolution satellites


Space technology company Satellogic has elevated $27 mil in a Collection B circular led simply by Chinese web giant Tencent, and with involvement by CrunchFund (disclosure: co-founded by ATechpoint founder Erina Arrington). The business also roll-outs its 6th micro-satellite in to orbit upon June fifteen, aboard an extended March-4B skyrocket that became popular from Jiuquan Satellite Start Center.

Exactly what Satellogic provides that’ ersus unique is certainly affordable, high resolution imaging inside a micro-satellite pllatform, with the ability to catch photo information of the World at one meter quality. By comparison, Earth Labs’ Dove cube-satellite constellation offers 3-5 meter quality.

Satellogic’ s i9000 products furthermore carry hyperspectral imaging, along with 30 meter spatial quality from umlaufbahn, something the business says will be “ unmatched” when compared to any kind of currently orbiting satellites providing commercial or even scientific quests. Hyperspectral image resolution captures info from throughout the electromagnetic range, which can assist with prospecting just for mineral plus oil build up, for example. Additionally, it may help with checking forestry, climate forecasting plus climate alter monitoring.

Launched in 2010, Satellogic raised a string A circular in 2015, also directed by Tencent. Smallsats or even CubeSats really are a growing company, and should just become more fascinating to industrial clients since costs through launch suppliers continue to lower thanks to expanding global competitors.