Systweak Photo Noise Reducer Pro Review

Systweak Photo Noise Reducer Pro Review


Noise has never been pleasing, and it instantly insinuate something that is annoying or irritating. Although you may easily associate noise with sound, it also has its unwanted presence on digital photographs. So here, we are talking about photo noise.

Photo noise is the tiny colourful speckles that degrade the quality of an image. The presence of grains (or noise) are generally noticeable in shadow regions of a photograph, or when the image is zoomed in.

Systweak Photo Noise Reducer Pro is an Android application that is developed by Systweak Software. The app claims to minimize grains from your digital images. Let’s see how it fared in our application review. 



Simply put, this is one of the easiest noise reducer applications I have ever used. Two of the three noise reduction modes are automated, so you don’t need to use abstruse sliders and waste time understanding jargons for reducing grains from your images.

After processing a photograph, the application shows two tabs that allow you to compare your de-noised photographs with the original one. If you are satisfied with the overall quality of the processed photograph, you can go ahead and save it, otherwise you can keep the original. 


For noise correction, you need to open the gallery and select any photograph that could be made better. Then, the app allows you to choose one of the three modes for noise reduction namely Light, Medium, and Custom.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Light’ and ‘Medium’ are pre-set means a tap on these icons are all that is required. ‘Custom’ mode, on the other hand, provides the user with a slider with which he/she can reduce the noise as per the desired quality of the image.



We tested the application against one noisy image and the results were above average. In other words, for mostly an automatic noise reducer the results were brilliant. (You can notice the difference between the two images, one that is corrected for noise and the other original one, in the screenshot above.)  

In the snapshot, you can also notice another slider, apart from that of Custom. It is referred to as ‘smooth slider’ that you may use to enhance an image further, you can use it. It gives a nice soothing texture to your image and the result feels great on eyes.

Since this application is free, user-friendly and intuitive, we have absolutely no complaints with the results it has shown.

For smartphone camera users, Systweak Photo Noise Reducer Pro does the task without any pain. One can use the built-in ‘camera’ button of the app to click an image and correct it for unwanted aberrations instantly before saving it in gallery.

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Undoubtedly, Systweak Photo Noise Reducer Pro is one of the best apps available on Google Play Store in the category of photo enhancement tools.

It is free of cost and free of ads, and it justifies what it says.

So take photographs at night parties, don’t forget to turn the camera flash on, remove noise (if it is present) for free, and share them on social media platforms.