Teclast x98 Air 3g (C5j6) Hybrid Tablet Review

Teclast x98 Air 3g (C5j6) Hybrid Tablet Review


This is 2015 you expect some great lines of technology to come. Teclast one of those Chinese company who make tablets for everyone needs. One of the greatest tablet from them are X98 air series which comes in two models, One with inbuilt  3g and one without it. This is Hybrid  tablet which means you will get dual OS in it android and windows 8.1. Which makes the tablet more interesting. This tablet got Whooping IPS Retina display manufactured by LG which is same as in latest iPad air series despite you wont get Gorilla glass and anti-reflective coating as in iPads. But thats not gonna make any difference in the screen quality and and pixels density. The display on this tablet looks gorgeous there’s no weak point. Teclast made tablet so light and minimal that makes the tablet feels like an iPad clone.

Specification underneath

Underneath the tablet is backed up with 8500mah battery which can you give full 6-7 hours of usage in Windows and 5-6 hours in android. Intel Quad core Bay-Trail-T z3736f is the main CPU packed with 2gb of DDR3 single channel ram. This combination of  processor and RAM gives a tablet a great punchy performance. The CPU clocked at 1.3GHZ and turbo boost up to 2.16GHZ which is amazing give Enhanced performance and great battery life. The CPU has its own inbuilt GPU which is Intel HD gen7 which is capable of running those Retina pixels and deliver good performance in windows transitions and animation. Storage on this tablet is not limited. You can get 32gb or 64gb inbuilt eMMC flash memory. and also get Micro-sd card slot to expand your memory upto 64gb on android and 128 gb in windows. Overall tablet got a very decent specs. But there many flaws. 

Teclast Confirms you cannot work on tablet while charging.

Firstly bad Thermal Design and random shutdown you may expect to get. Tablet design is thin like an iPad but the processor in Ipad are made run cooler. Where on the other side intel processor tends to get hotter. Teclast thermal design isn’t that good which can help tablet run more cooler and longer.

You cannot do heavy task while Charging Teclast confirmed* This issue is been noticed by many users getting new tablet. and teclast publicly never confirmed that this tablet isn’t made to use while charging. Well they did mention to us. Well not a big deal it is manageable. We did test the tablet in every possible condition we saw that while using tablet in android with charger you wont get any shutdowns and restarts. But when you are windows and multitask you may get random shutdown or hibernate. Which is bad but can be fixed be Underclocking the CPU i found it very handy and useful though. No random shut down anymore while multi task. You cant just Underclock the Integrated GPU so you cannot play games or do GPU intesive work while charging the tablet.


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Pros and Cons

  • Speakers are tiny but tweak-able. I used some of Audio amplifier software to enhance sound experience.
  • Good 3.5 mm headphone jack but dont support Earphone with buttons.
  • Camera are Horrible but its better then nothing. We noticed the 5 Mega pixels at the back can takes College notes and its decent. and front 2mp is fine for video chats.
  • Mic on this tablet are low but also  tweak able.
  • Expand Memory with Inbuilt Slow sdcard slot (Max read : 21mb/s Max write:15-20mb/s)
  • Low voltage OTG you cant use external HDD even cant connect your iPhone and android phone to sync without powered usb hub.
  • eMMc flash memory on the tablet is slow and fast you will never know what you will get. They have variety in eMMc confirm with seller before buy if you can.
  • Tablet comes with good GPS and Wifi no issue we faced.
  • Screen packed with Retina pixels with resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels (~264 ppi pixel density)
  • Bad thermal design.

Conclusion & verdict

Overall this tablet is good we test it thoroughly for a week before posting the review, but dont expect longevity as of iPad from this piece of technology. If it last you for 1 year or 2 its still a great buy. Combination of android and windows is rare and with inbuilt 3g sim card slot you can have internet on the go without any issue. Screen is gorgeous but very reflective you can barely see something on screen in bright sunlight but no problem while using it in indoors. If you have budget under 200$ then this tablet it great windows 8 works very smooth. You can open 2 apps simultaneously in snap windows and can increase your productivity. And if you want to use calling feature using SIM card you can boot into android. You can expand memory of your tablet by sd card but its only good to store media not programs, as the speed of slots are not as good as you expect but decent to store movie and music.

We have been testing this device since week with full load and tablet does all the job as we wanted, We even rendered test video in classic camtasia studio did the rendering fine too. Even you can do photoshop without any issue as long as you dont fill the ram of the tablet by loading big images in photoshop. Let us know your comments below on this device..