Top 3 Benefits of Having Slow Internet.

Top 3 Benefits of Having Slow Internet.


Not every person on earth got google fiber or commercial class internet connection. People around the world have different internet connections from different Internet service provider. World fastest internet you will find is in south Korea. and all other country come after it.


Well no doubt slow internet is not liked by anyone, But there some situation where slow internet also gives you a joy in life.

Top 3 amazing Benefits of having Slow internet

The world is changing, internet getting cheaper and even free in many countries. But there are so many countries, which are still behind the mark of high speed internet. Here are Top 5 amazing benefit of slow internet.

Teach you Patience

Slow page loading, slow internet pings will frustrate you and at that situation you will need to keep your mind calm and make yourself as patience as possible in order to work on that internet speed. Slow internet is a self patience tester. If you are slow internet user you will find this true.

In-depth Research before Download

Slow internet will makes you read and learn more. For example new software released in size of Gigabytes due to the fact you have slow internet connection you will not going to quick download what ever file you see. You will be doing in-depth research of its format, compatibility and usability. Once you are confirmed then you will place the file for download. This will enhance your analytical skills.

Born hacker inside you


Slow internet born hacker inside you, when you have no options other then slow internet connection you may not or may be find ways of tweaking internet speed by playing with IPs, DNS or something technical. Wether you gonna change browser settings or clearing cache. Slow internet develops  technical skills in ever user who have slow internet and want to acquire better performance.

If you are slow internet user you must agree above 3 points for sure, Let me know in comment below what other benefits you have from your slow internet connection..