Top 5 Programming languages every coding-junkie must know!

Top 5 Programming languages every coding-junkie must know!


Waking up at 2 AM in the morning, pausing the torrent upload/download on one of the laptop which was last shut down months ago, opening up a new file and started writing a new code which just popped up while dreaming? Welcome to the programmers world, where everything starts and ends on that 14″ monitor! In this era of IT development where cyber world has reached huge potentials and yet a lot more is to be discovered, a person who sees himself coding down for a massive firm 5 years down the line, he/she must be knowing general(and even much more than just general) knowledge about few programming languages to make the perfect career move. If you are already one, then you might be knowing already about them. For others, have a look.

Java :

It isn’t just an island in Indonesia or a cup of coffee! There is much more to it. Popular for its WORA mantra(Write once, run everywhere), it has laid foundation to one of your favorite mobile apps and video games. For those with a much serious outlook, it is the core behind server-side applications.


It is everybody’s pal. If you want to be one like Chris Bridges (Furious 7) who can crack through the toughest codes(hacking is bad though!) or Ramsey(for female enthusiasts), this is the first step for your sparkling career.

This language is a top-pick for its ease of portability, since it can be run over multiple software platforms.


No no no, you guessed it wrong, it isn’t a bummed up grade on report card! Rather its the first programming language that is taught in the colleges. It is though a low level language, low enough to be pretty close to hardware but not so low level to do everything manually.


Since there are so many C++ compilers, you can write stuff and pretty much run them anywhere you want to. The best thing about it is its low-level memory manipulation, while keeping its imperative, object oriented and generic programming features on the other hand.


All you twitter fans must be thinking of it as a hashtag placed at wrong place. Actually it isn’t. Pronounced as C-sharp is the favorite of Microsoft developers. If you are good at Java, you won’t take much time switching sides with it. The reason behind it is simple, because it is identical to Java.


If you are looking to work for Microsoft, master this language, and you can be there coding for windows next time. C# is one language that can open many windows!


No, it isn’t Java’s successor. Its completely different and another favorite programming language for those junkies due to its vast usability. So vast, that it is everywhere. How? The web!


This language allows developers to add creative elements to their website preventing it from being so monotonous and ordinary. ECMAScript is one another name for this language, the untrademarked one. It is really a very dynamic tool, that’s why the word, VAST!


Hypertext Preprocessor (just for better understanding) is as heavy as its name suggests. Its the first choice for aspiring web developers. no doubt why it is always co-related with dynamic data-heavy websites and app development.


The point that makes it so huge is that it can be mixed with HTML(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, if you care to know), or can be used with various web frameworks. This language makes the heart for those monster websites as Facebook and WordPress. Moreover, this is an open source language. Which means you can grab any pre-built module and experiment upon it to get the result that you desire.

So tighten up your seat-belts coders, way to go!.