Top 5 Reasons why Windows 10 will beat Macosx El capitan

Top 5 Reasons why Windows 10 will beat Macosx El capitan


With decades of moves and countermoves, Microsoft and Apple are still in competition. Microsoft has come up with Windows 10 to extend dominance in desktops. What does Apple come up with, to stay in race? Yep it’s their upcoming operation system, El Capitan. When it comes to comparison between Windows and Mac OS, our ratings can be bit skewed towards Windows. Enjoying version after version of Windows since childhood days, love for Windows doesn’t fade off. Not taking anything away from El Capitan, it’s the best version, Apple has ever offered. However it has played catch up game this time.


Windows 10 has brought back the traditional ‘Start’ menu, which disappeared in Windows 8 versions. Microsoft has claimed, “Windows 10 would be a quick crossover for users who didn’t like Windows 8”. We are amazed at seeing how effective, this crossover has been. Getting overwhelming share of desktop market is real prospect. Beta versions of both the operating systems, suggests Windows 10 wins the battle hands down. One can’t underrate the El Capitan upgrade for Mac, but Windows 10 has touched standards not known before. We like to compare both operating systems across five key aspects to support our argument.


Windows 10 Interface combines the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8. As we said before, the traditional ‘Start menu’ is back too. You can now click to close Windows apps like your desktop apps. El Capitan’s OS dock feels usual flat with not many improvements from pervious Mac versions.

msw-win10-hero-slider-familiar (1)

(All new Windows 10 interface)


(Macosx El Capitan Interface)



Microsoft’s Windows 10 is hugely winning in the multitasking area. The best part comes from the Snap feature, which allows you to view four apps on your display simultaneously. El Capitan’s little catch up game comes in the form of split screen, which enables users to view just two applications.


(Windows 10 Multitask)

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.27.14 PM(El capitan multitasking)




The main cast of the show for Window 10 must contain ‘Cortana’. ‘Cortana’ is the voice based personal assistant which does plenty of smart stuff. From showing you weather, news stories, sports scores, restaurant suggestions at your will to answering your queries through voice enabled system, ‘Cortana’ does it all.



Windows 10 effortlessly inherits massive game collections from its predecessors. El Capitan opens the race here by coming up with Metal toolkit of iOS, which claims 10x performance than before. Windows 10 beats this puff by introducing ‘DirectX12’ for Windows, which does nothing less than what ‘Metal’ has to offer.

Social Sharing:

While Windows 10 loses the battle on grounds of phone integration, it earns the bragging rights via efficient social sharing features. Microsoft’s social medial sharing approach can be a bit of work, nevertheless it more open than Mac. Windows social sharing apps have done exceptionally well in its latest version.



I like both operating system,Both operating systems are not the complete frameworks with any scope for development. Nevertheless they are the best operating systems out there yet. Windows 10 wins more points then MacOSX this time. If you like gaming, multitasking, productivity choose Windows 10 all the way. Early verdict stands hugely in favor of Windows 10. .