Upcoming new phones in 2015

Upcoming new phones in 2015


Are you looking for buying new phone? then wait for few more months and grab the latest and greatest in 2015. In 2014 we see many releases of flagships phones. But what we can expect in 2015 is the flagship killers all around. every smartphones companies consistently working on making flagship phones to compete each other. we see many rumors already came out for many phones. So today in this post i will going to cover up the releases of smartphones we gonna expect in 2015.

Oneplus Two

One of the best starter company which grow so fast due to its success product Oneplus One. They named their phone a flagship killer

Samsung galaxy s6

Samsung another galaxy device. Hoping for the best specs to come this year. Not like an S5

Xiaomi Arch

Dual curved screen from Xioami. Will be the world first dual curve screen phone. Competing samsing galaxy note edge.

iPhone mini

As rumored came out we can also see iPhone mini this year.