Urban-X’s investors display features great face masks, navigation for your blind and...

Urban-X’s investors display features great face masks, navigation for your blind and much more


The Urban-X investors display is a closed-door event that will shows off 8 different incubated startups in order to potential traders and push. I ceased by previously this week to find out what the hassle was about.

Of the 8 companies within Urban-X’ s i9000 02 cohort , I actually picked 4 that undertaken problems related to  air pollution, the aesthetically impaired, city deliveries plus maintaining open public cleanliness: O2O2 Facewear, WearWorks, Upcycles  plus Sencity, correspondingly.

Haptic routing for the sightless

Probably the potentially life-changing of the services and products demoed in the Urban-X display is  simply by WearWorks . Their model wristband is really a proposed way to GPS-based routing for the sightless and aesthetically impaired.

Making use of haptic comments, the WayBand uses an effective motor to provide you with tactile feelings about in which you are and what path to stroll in.

WearWorks has been dealing with a number of aesthetically impaired people to test the particular Wayband, which includes an extremely marathon athlete who will become competing within this year’ ersus NYC workshop.

If the marathon  test shows successful, WearWorks will begin seeding more products to earlier adopters just before moving forward having a public start.

Modernizing the face area mask

Contemporary facewear firm O2O2 is definitely capitalizing on exactly what they’ lso are calling the “ multi-billion dollar industry”. They’ lso are focusing 1st on metropolitan areas like Beijing, where air pollution and quality of air is among the most severe of the world’ s main cities.

Strangely, O2O2 didn’ t permit attendees to test on the cover up (claiming it turned out only developed for the creators’ facial constructions for now). However , O2O2 is appealing four various facial conforms at start with customizeable modules (the unit you observe above is definitely an engineering prototype) that include the particular sensors, filter systems and electric batteries.

The coolest function about the face mask is that it’ s achievable to monitor your own vitals (I’ m supposing this is your own VO2 inhaling and exhaling stats), along with monitoring the environment quality information with a partner smartphone application.

The ensuing data gathered by O2O2 mask users can then be taken to deal with the air pollution problem inside a given region, including determining  which areas of town possess the most air pollution from day to day.

Simplifying urban shipping vehicles

The first thing Upcycles said on-stage is that they’ re human being centric plus anti-robot. This particular piqued the eye of the audience, but exactly what actually produced people interested was  the Yax, a new kind of urban shipping vehicle .

Designed to have up to five hundred pounds associated with equipment down and up tight town streets, the particular Yax is really a weird searching tricycle having a flatbed. A  delivery individual riding the particular Yax  provides full presence above plus around their own seating place, with the capability to  safe the Yax like you would certainly any other bicycle.

The age of the particular.. digital trashcan?

Probably the most market of delivering presentations came from Sencity, with the TetraBIN. Some of Sencity’ s style work continues to be used on embassies plus malls nationwide – as the primary goal, they are the design company. Now they’ re aiming to tackle sanitation in town streets by causing trash containers interactive plus visually attractive.

The particular TetraBIN really does this along with sensors, the speaker, mic and a complete LED display screen wraparound, therefore it’ h perhaps the majority of high-tech trashcan you’ lmost all ever see. The passerby cannot only toss trash and obtain a fun visible to look at, yet ask for instructions to get a mug of coffee, or end up being visually led on which from the bins in order to throw in recyclables and normal trash.

Exactly how useful this is in a town like NEW YORK CITY, time will certainly tell.   My priority with this kind of product is that  it could get… trashed.