Vensmile i10 Mini PC- A Honest review

Vensmile i10 Mini PC- A Honest review


The Vensmile i10 Mini PC is more or less like a personal computer, but without the monitor. Yes, it can compute, and undertake any work that you can throw at a traditional computer, without coming across any kind of problems. However, you have to realize that there are specifications and features of this particular product that we deem to be more or less like the configuration of a laptop. So, whatever is your concern and consideration towards this product, it is very important and good of you to realize the importance and the basic features that you would be able to find for this particular product.

Let’s have a look at the various specifications and features: –

CPU: -Intel bay Trail CR Z3735F is a processing unit that has been installed in this particular product. It is relatively good enough for the people undertaking moderate computing work.

GPU: – Intel HD Graphic (Gen 7) is in fact a graphical adapter that has been included within the processing unit. One could say that this is not a third-party graphical unit support system, but rather something that has been imbibed into this particular product out of sheer necessity for complex multimedia work.

RAM:– 2 GB RAM is somewhat extremely low when it comes to modern-day computing, but if it is basic work like surfing the Internet and undertaking some word processing documents, then you’re definitely in for a good time.

ROM: -32 GB is somewhat of a basic specification and structure whenever it comes to mobile computing. One does not expect such a small amount of memory to be imbibed upon this particular product, but be that as it may, it does fit the bill properly.

Wi-Fi: -Yes, you get the Wi-Fi access along with connectivity features of 802.11 a/b/g/n. This is very good, and does help people undertake the complex networking towards their benefit.

Weight of the product: – The weight of the product is 300 g, which makes it a very good product to carry in your handbag. It does not create a big problem, and you can get all your computing needs met when you happen to be travelling to far off places.

HDMI: -You also have the HDMI connectivity, which makes it probable for you to make use of this particular product for connecting it to your monitor or television set and get your work done.


Well, if you need a product that can help you to undertake computing as much as you’d like, and this is the product that you need to go for. The pricing is also well within the realms of possibilities for normal people, which is $117.48. However, if you make use of the coupon code GBI10, then the price would be further reduced to $112.89. This definitely sounds like a good deal for you, so do not hesitate to purchase the product, and have a wonderful time with your computing. To purchase the product, visit Gearbest.