Voyo V2 Affordable 4k tv box Review

Voyo V2 Affordable 4k tv box Review


Bored from your simple tv box? Then here it is the voyo V2 tv box for those who want something different from just a tv box. Voyo v2 run full window 10 OS which provide you with the ability to run virtually any internet application on your tv. It has the powerful Intel Baytrail T Z3735 Quard core processor with the Intel HD GPU which provide superb performance for high definition videos. XBMC works smoothly with 4k hardware decoding from local media and XBMC streaming add-ons. This amazing device is equipped with 5000mah lithium battery which is not an ordinary thing and provide you with 64 GB SSD storage function which is far more enough for any person and which can be used as a portable power charger and storage disk which is again an amazing feature of this superb tv box.

This amazing tech has a metal body with tempered glass mirror surface.

It consist of strong 4th Intel CPU .Intel atom Z3735 uses 22nm tri-gate(FinFet), it also consist of silvermont QUARD core, provide you with the frequency of 1.83 GHZ, even CPU speed has been improved by 150%. It is faster consumes less power and best feature it s multi tasking i.e., it can easily handle many task at same time .Gives you 1000m Ethernet PORT ,WIFI, Bluetooth(4.0)It provide you with a choice of memory storage you want to have basically it give you three choices 2 GB , 32 GB and 64 GB which is highest beyond this it can’t give you the space for you data.

Built-in 5000mah lithium battery and can be used as a portable charger for your Iphone, Ipad, android and all the other digital devices


Let’s take a look upon its main features :

  • Consist of Windows 10 OS which provide you the access to over millions of application including all the basic ones which everybody is fond of like facebook, twitter, Picasa, Youtube and many more.
  • 4g WIFI which help you enjoy a high quality video experience
  • It consist of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity which help in easy pairing of devices so that you can easily transfer your data from one device to other
  • Provide you with 3 choices of storage capacity in which highest is 64 GB which provide sufficient space for downloading your favorite stuff like games, movies, apps and you can even easily browse website also.
  • HDMI connector is another most amazing feature by connecting your box to HDMI cable you can set your home screen for best 1080p HD multimedia experience.
  • Ultra slim size which is perfect for carrying this device for outing.
  • This amazing device comes with RJ45 port for 10/100/1000m Ethernet which provide us with strong network extension.

General configuration

  • Consist of 2G RAM and 32G ROM
  • Provided only in golden color
  • Have Intel hg graphic GPU
  • Consist of CPU of Intel Baytrail T Z3735
  • Consist of Quard core
  • Product weight will be approx 0.155kg which is a decent weight to carry
  • Package weight is about 0.291kg
  • Product size (l*W*H) 13.1*8.3*1.6cm/ 5.15*3.26*0.63 inches
  • Package contents 1 * voyo v2 tv box with 5000mah battery / 64 GB ssd card , 1*power adapter and offcourse an English manual to help you out in the starting.

You now don’t have to be dependent on your cell phones or your desktop ,laptops because you can now enjoy surfing internet and your local media even on your big screen.You can buy Voyo v2 tv box today for $115.89 + Free shipping from Gearbest.com