Xiaomi Mi4 2015 : Review, Specifications & Price

Xiaomi Mi4 2015 : Review, Specifications & Price


Some of you might have come across this economical brand on android market, the Xiaomi. For others, the brand name wouldn’t ring any bell. The brand doesn’t sell much outside of China and few other Asian countries. You can make purchases online or through third party sellers, especially if you are from the West. Do not let the low hype deceive you, for Xiaomi has surpassed top brands in China already. This week, we decided to review the flagship of this company, the new Xiaomi Mi4. The Mi4 has done well at price tag and battery, like other Xiaomi phones.

Quick look at features:

  • 4G enabled
  • Android 4.4
  • Snapdragon801 Quad Core, 2.5 GHz processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM
  • 5.0” Display
  • 1920×1080 screen resolution


The handset is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 hardware. It comes with Adreno 330 CPU along with 3 GB RAM. With Quad core processor managing up to 2.5 GHz, Xiaomi Mi4 is no slouch. The performance has been best, true to the device’s configuration. With 16GB of internal memory available, Xiaomi Mi4 meets the needs.


Mi4 is characterized by its stainless steel frame, which feels sturdy. The screen is reliable and entire body doesn’t creak. The top side got the 3.5 MM audio jack and infrared blaster to control home electronics. Though the design isn’t quite original unlike previous Xiaomi handsets, Mi4 stays attractive.



It’s never perfect, but Mi4 display is sharp and bright with pixel density of 441 pixels per inch. Multiple shades of primary and secondary colors are mostly off target. Outdoor visibility is better than previous Mi versions. The screen however has slight bluish stint, especially when screen is bright.



Android 4.4.4 coupled with the impressive MIUI6 android skin, has been the best living system in phones. Though the software design feels inspired by Apple, it’s still sophisticated. The animations to follow you, throughout the user interface accounts for amazing elegance. However, be prepared for rarely occurring Chinese characters.



Xiaomi Mi4 boasts a 13 MP primary camera with LED flash. It has a very wide F1.8 lens which gives an extremely quick focus. Front cam comes with 8MP sensor with F1.8 aperture. On the software front, the device got its functional camera with terrific consistency. On theory it all sounds nice, but the snaps didn’t match what best camera phones have to offer. Snaps look okay, but it blurs towards edges of the frame. We are better off with blurs, when we manually set focus. It’s tough to stop venting displeasure, about its pathetic panorama feature. HDR feature has come as a rescue to lift up the camera quality, through live and plain settings available. When it comes to footage quality, Xiaomi Mi4 can be the most impressive device in the market. Slow motion and time lapse mode in footage truly rocks, however sound recording is simply messy.


Price & Where to buy xiaomi mi 4 ?

You can grab this smartphone from Gearbest today only for @$285.99 + Free worldwide shipping 

Final Verdict:

The pros have been its cheap price, long lasting batteries and bright screen. The android skin is one of the quick and elegant available skins, as of today. Extra-ordinary software and hardware construction gets a mention too. The cons are poor sound recording quality, lack of micro SD sots and blurring towards edges of photos.

Bottom line: Xiaomi Mi4 has gone the extra mile for its price range..