The name XIAOMI will definitely ring a bell in case you happen to be in the market searching for smart phones that can be affordable as well as excellent in the features provided. More and more people have been able to have an intrepid idea that this is a product that does not go down well with the general people. However, there are millions of people purchasing this smart phone that begs to differ. The name has definitely become a symbol for the people looking for comprehensive and excellent smart phones that can help them to conduct their work and not have to worry about exorbitant pricing of the smart phone.


A brief look at the features of XIAOMI Mi4C 4G smartphone: –

Display: A 5.0 inch screen makes up for excellent viewing pleasure, and you have a display resolution of 1920×1080 Pixels which is all the more exciting for a person looking at multimedia and playing games.
CPU: The incorporation of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 64bit Hexa Core 1.8GHz is the best thing that this particular smartphone carries around. It provides mind blowing number crunching computing, that cannot only help you to conduct a lot of multitasking work, but also make sure that you never have to worry about any kind of issues.
GPU: It is the use of Adreno 418 in this particular smartphone that makes way for excellent gaming and quality multimedia. This is definitely the best support system when it comes to graphic outputs.
System: The latest Android 5.1 has been used in order to provide excellent help to the people in need of installing the latest applications in the market.
RAM + ROM: A 3GB RAM is ample firepower under the hood for this particular mobile phone. There is also another standard version which contains 2 GB RAM. The 32GB ROM is excellent backup when it comes to storing movies, videos and high-quality pictures. The standard version contains 16 GB ROM, which is also sufficient for the people and requirement of little memory.
Camera: The 5.0MP with 85 degree wide-angle is excellent when it comes to photography. The use of f/2.0 aperture front camera for selfies and the 13.0MP 5 element lens along with f/2.0 aperture back camera is the best thing that you would be able to find for yourself.
Sensor: The presence of the Light sensor, G-sensor, Proximity sensor, Hall Sensor along with various other sensors have led to excellent application enabled features for the mobile phone.
Bluetooth: The use of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity is something that XIAOMI can be proud of.
GPS: Navigation is no more a problem with the latest GPS solutions within the mobile phone.
Network: The inclusion of the 4G network is something that most of the people would like about this product.

All know, this is a wonderful product that you can purchase, and also has a comprehensive pricing with the standard version being priced at $239.69 and the upgraded version costing $50 more. To purchase the standard version, go here, or else go here for the upgraded version.