You may see Google Own-Branded Smartphone later in 2016

You may see Google Own-Branded Smartphone later in 2016


It is known the Google, through the Nexus program, have been providing the software to several hardware manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. Since Google merely makes and provides the software available, Google themselves have little control over implementation. Instead, implementation in controlled by manufacturers; leaving customers at the mercy of the manufacturers in terms of software updates. As a result, Google is aiming towards taking more control of a currently fragmented Android market; with the release of a Google-branded phone.

This was recently reported as such by the Telegraph, as a “senior source” of the Telegraph said that a Google-branded phone can be expected to be released in the last quarter of 2016. The reported Google-branded phone is not part of Google’s Nexus Program and the manufacturing of the phone will be by Google. This allows Google to take greater control of the Android fragmentation by not only securing their own services, such as a Chrome browser, but also allows Google to set new benchmarks for other Android manufacturers.

rickosterloh7592Google might be new to the “smartphone hardware business” but have been providing Google-branded hardware like the Pixel C Tablet and Chromecast for some time. The Telegraph, however, pointed out some aspects substantiating Google’s plan enter new hardware ventures like the creation of a new hardware division in April. This came with the hiring of Motorola’s Rick Osterloh to head a newly created Google-branded hardware division.

Furthermore, CCS Insight analyst, Ben Wood, told the Telegraph that Google have been concerned about the fragmentation of the Android market and are of the opinion that it should be more controlled. Like Apple, who controls both their hardware and software, Google is attempting to do the same. Therefore Google is aiming towards taking more control, through the release of the alleged Google-branded smartphone.