360 Total Security Review – All in one Security Software


    360 Total Security is a cross platform antivirus application which is available on OS X Mac, Windows PC, Android-based operating system and is available for Apple devices as well. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the extensive list of security features it has to offer for each major platform in regards to its software and App version.

    Complete List Of Features

    At a system level 360 Total Security also features an extensive list of features that you wouldn’t find in the typical anti-virus software. Some of which include: network threat blocking and USB drive protection. The network threat blocking feature in particular can prove to be especially useful for individuals who utilize public WiFi. It also features file system protection, malicious behavior blocking and registry protection as well.

    One of the more interesting features it includes is a sandbox where users have the ability to place suspicious files in which can either be deleted or retrieved by the user. Even though the software provides antivirus and anti-malware solutions as expected, one of the additional features that’s worth noting is its privacy protection feature kicks in whenever you use your webcam and helps to block keyloggers as well as to protect passwords. As far as it’s security features go, typically what occurs is that as soon as you download a file, it will scan it as well as to block malicious websites. It also consist of an online shopping protection feature which helps to protect personal and credit card information.

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    Differences Between The Two Packages

    While it may be true that this is a complete list of features you will be able to receive if you utilize the PC All-In-One version of 360 total security. It’s important to note that the “Essential” version of the product offers the same basic features with a few acceptations. In general, the major differences in between the two packages are that, while the PC-All-In One, offers all the features that were previously mentioned. The Essential version only offers virus superior threat detection with it’s virus scanning features as well as a sandbox. In a nutshell if you want the most basic of defenses then you should go for the Essential package which performs virus scans. However, if you want to complete protection from data intrusion via WiFi, USB protection, Phishing prevention and more, then you should go for the PC-ALL-IN version, they has free protection and antivirus security for Mac too

    App Version

    Most antivirus Apps do one or two things that surround your security. However, it’s interesting when an App attempts to do more to optimize your device and to keep it secure and free of worries. 360 Security is an App that does just that and more. Let’s take a more detailed look at the extensive list of features that it consists of.

    As far as the features go, it has an antivirus application which comes with it’s own set of features. Some of which include the ability to conduct real-time scans of your Apps and files which can help to find potential problems with individual Apps/files. A scanner that can be used to identify pre-existing problems and it can detect malware, adware and Trojans. Meanwhile, the virus database is updated from the cloud on a continuous basis. Besides that, it also has a cleanup function which can help to find useless and old files on your device which can enhance the speed of your device. This in itself can help to give you some additional storage. This function is also extended to include Apps you no longer need which in itself can help to conserve battery. It also features a boost function which can clear running Apps. What’s so interesting about this feature however, is that unlike other Apps, you can configure it to let some Apps remain in memory. It is available for download from Google Play and your App store.

    Additional Features

    Another additional feature that’s worth mentioning is ‘App locking’. This feature allows you to lock various Apps so that you can prevent access from unauthorized users as well as to set a pattern lock to help keep it secure. There’s also another feature that allows you to block notifications from certain Apps. This can prove to be especially useful when it comes to quitting Apps that continuously send notifications. Besides that, it also has an SMS filter which has the ability to automatically block incoming phone calls and SMS from specific numbers that you have assigned. However, one of the more notable additional feature that’s also worth mentioning is it’s built-in App manager which can help you to view and uninstall applications as well as a data monitor which allows you to see your monthly bandwidth limit.

    360 Connect

    Another package they have is called 360 Connect. The mobile App is designed to protect family members and friends, remotely from your device. For instance, let’s say that a family member does not have an antivirus software on their computer, yet they are experiencing some problems. By using the 360 connect, you can use your premium app to conduct a scan on said individuals computer as well as to alleviate their problems from your phone.