BitTorrent latest bundle supports “ad-stream” now


    BitTorrent announced on thursday a overhaul of its Bundle presenting as a pilot project, providing it a new name, “BitTorrent Now.” Profoundly used by independent filmmakers, musicians and similar artists as well as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other organizations, the service will now be accepting ads. BitTorrent Now is the first streaming app that is available only for Android till now. Apps for Apple TV and iOS are still in progress.

    As said by Christian Averill, BitTorrent vice-president of marketing -“BitTorrent Now … adds our first mobile streaming apps, and it adds an important new business model for our creative partnerships: ad-supported streaming,

    Add Revenue Split

    Creators and Makers who will partake in the pilot will be keeping 70 percent of the revenue from all the ads. “That’s superior than the industry standard,” Christian Averill Said. The remaining 30% of it will go to BitTorrent.

    There were no format or size restrictions with BitTorrent Bundle. However streaming does present some confinements, downloads offer the same freedom as always.


    Whether BitTorrent can or will continue to pay artists 70 percent of ad revenues after the pilot ends is doubtful. In contrast, musicians make 33 cents to 60 cents for each 99-cent tune on iTunes, which also depends on a variety of factors.

    Advertisers may not profit much from BitTorrent. Approved, they will get an additional channel for their ads, but because the artist owns hundred percent of the fan data, it’s hard to see how advertisers will do well. That data is critical to making advertising and sales choices.