Bluedio T3 Plus – Best Affordable Bluetooth Headphone


    If you in market looking for premium bluetooth headphones then it will cost you more than 200$ price range. Today in this article i brought you amazing product from bluedio which cost fraction of price if not better but equally the same as an high end headphones.

    Bluedio T3 plus is new redesigned headphone for more premium feel and finish. This headphone is fully featured pack and even got extra functionality that other flagship headphone lack. It got inbuilt sd card slot for music streaming even if there is no external device connected. and this headphone comes with all bells and whistle like the other ones.

    Check official specs below : 


    Zn alloy body to ensure quality and texture
    T3 Plus is beautifully crafted with excellent Zn alloy material which features high performance. The exquisitely built Zn alloy frame and body ensures it sturdy enough to be unbreakable and durable.

    57mm titanizing diaphragm for quick response
    T3 Plus adopts the all titanizing 57mm diaphragm to enhance the resolution, lower the THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) and make the sound more dynamic, swift and fierce, which ensures you hear even the slightest details and enjoy every wonderful moment.

    Totally new 3D sound effect
    T3 Plus is the first headphones of Turbine Series to adopt 3D sound effect, which means you will have a totally lively and stirring experience. Simply turn on the 3D sound to immerse yourself in the stereo surround sound effect and to let your ears enjoy the stirring rock concert.

    Micro SD card playback
    T3 Plus supports Micro SD card slot extension (maximum 32GB). Just insert a Micro SD card loaded with your favorite songs, no need of mobile phones or other auxiliary devices, you can directly enjoy music. Besides, you can transfer files through the USB connector anytime and anywhere, which means you no longer have to repeat one song at wonderful moments.

    Memory foam earmuffs to ensure long-wearing comfort
    The ear cups of T3 Plus are padded with memory foam which is rich in protein. It is very soft and ventilated. All we want to do is to bring you comfort, to protect your ears and give you a new feeling of wearing.

    Line-in and line-out playback
    T3 Plus supports input with the 3.5mm audio cable, you can still enjoy your favorite music even if the battery runs out. It can also connect to other headphones so that you can share your favorite music with your friends.
    Audio format: MP3, WMA

    Foldable design, more convenient and portable
    We specially strengthen the telescopic arm to ensure that it can bear over 5 thousand times stretching and bending. The foldable design makes it very convenient and portable. Wherever you go, you can enjoy your favorite music anytime.

    – There is a new added Play/Pause button on T3 Plus.
    – Operations such as skipping forward/back and Volume+/- on T3 Plus are contrary to previous headphones.

    Source: Gearbest

    If you want amazing piece of headphone for fraction of price of high end headphones then you can’t go wrong with this one. Buy now today for just 38$ from gearbest. Links below