Google’s Project ARA : Game Changer?


    A few years back a video went viral in social media. It was a social media campaign for a new smartphone concept. The idea was that when people dump their old smartphone it’s because they are not satisfied with one of its component (like its camera or RAM) while the rest of the phone works perfectly fine.

    For solving this they came up with the idea of a modular smartphone. A smartphone made up of individual components (blocks), which can be individually upgraded or replaced without having to do anything to the rest of the device. This concept paves a path for the dream smartphone suited to our needs! Everything from the processor to the battery can be upgraded. The project was first to be released in late 2015 but is now delayed to 2017 due to some technical problems.


    The company that came up with this concept intended to get different reputed manufacturers to make the different parts of the phoneblocks. The campaign was to get the attention of the manufacturers about the concept which they succeeded. After a meeting with manufacturers they chose Motorola to make the phoneblocks.

    The link given below is a video that the company released after the success of the campaign


    This is only a concept and there is no prototype or models showcased to the public yet. Though the idea sounds really great there are a lot of pros and cons involved, the cons having to deal with the impracticality of the idea.


    *INCREASES THE LIFE OF YOUR SMARTPHONE, since you don’t have to dump the smartphone if one of its parts is not working or if you are not satisfied with one of its components like the camera or speakers. Many of us face a problem with cracked screens; this concept allows an easy fix for that too!

    *A FULLY CUSTOMISABLE PHONE, this concept allows you to have a dream smartphone fully customisable for your needs. If you are into taking photos, you can upgrade your camera or if you are into using your phone as speakers then you can upgrade your speakers, if you need more juice then you can upgrade your battery.

    *SAVES COST ON UNWANTED HARDWARE. Nowadays if you want a phone with a great camera or some other specific part you’ll have to pay lot of money for the other components that come with it though you may not actually need it. For e.g. You may want a phone with a 21mp camera but need only 2GB RAM, but you end up paying for a 4/6gb RAM since the companies design their phones to suit the needs of majority of people.

    *ATTENTION IS GIVEN TO EACH INDIVIDUAL PART. Since the company intends to allot different companies to manufacture different blocks of the phone block, each part will be made by manufacturers who are great in the respective parts! Like a camera by Sony or canon, Speakers from Bose or beats, Processors from Qualcomm or Intel etc.


    *IMPRACTICALITY OF THE IDEA. There is no prototype which was showcased to the public yet, and there is no info about the companies working on it other than Motorola.
    Since the companies more focused on expanding their own smartphone markets , its not sure how many companies would be interested in this.

    *HIGH MANUFACTURING COSTS. Normally companies save a lot of manufacturing cost because of the compact size of the whole phone and due to the large number units produced. Since phoneblocks is made by individual companies the costs will be high unless there is a high demand for the parts.

    *BULKY SIZE. This concept will not be as compact as the regular smartphones and will be bulkier than the other phones in the market.

    *AVERAGE LIFE OF COMPONENTS. The average life of electronic components is actually not that long so you may end up changing all or most of your parts in the long run equivalent to buying a new smartphone.

    Anyway we’ll have to wait and watch. Since Google and Motorola are involved this can be a game changer. If it works out well then it can completely change the way we see our smartphones.

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