iPhone 5s Price increase in India


    Are you looking to buy a new iPhone 5s ?  Well you already missed the deal as per reports few days after the iPhone 6 launching, iPhone 5s price dropped down to 32,000INR for 16gb model. Which is still expensive for many but it was a great deal at that time. We cant expected to have a price below 30,000INR for the iPhone 5s this year.

    On mega ecommerce site there are still many offers which can get you an new iPhone 5s as low as 38,000INR. But only the one who owing some sort of special credit cards. Which means the offer for that very price also limited to the users holding such kind of cards.

    Reasons Behind Price increase

    • More Demand : iPhone 5s already got enough power compared to iPhone 6 For the low price. Which leads to out stock all the availability of iPhone 5s. And the one who still have them in stock selling for the higher prices.
    • Design and Size : iPhone 5s is perfect in size. Easy to hold and to use with one hand.Its even hard built and looks sharp.
    • iPhone 6 Price : Higher iPhone 6 price changes mind of consumers to buy an iPhone 5s rather then iPhone 6.
    • iPhone 6 Bend Issue: Some sort of bending issue already been reported from many users who already owning iPhone 6. Which is pretty sure this iPhone is not as durable as iPhone 5s. Which tends to more demand in iPhone 5s.
    • Occasions in India : This is something we fairly see eveytime. Product demands increases mostly in india when festivals and occasions arrives.

    Verdict :

    If you looking for buying an iPhone 5s in India at the moment , Then just wait for few more days or weeks, Price may drop again. If you got a luck then you may going to grab a deal of iPhone 5s for low price or even you may get a chance to buy iPhone 6 too. Follow us to get more updates..