Massive “Cerber Ransomware” Attack on Microsoft Office 365


    Microsoft Office 365 hit it with a colossal zero-day attack and is a new target of the cyber criminals. Dubbed as Cerber ransomware, the virus is being spread mainly with the help of phishing emails and aims photos, documents and other files by encrypting them and then asking for ransom for the original file. Together with the ransom note, it too gives a spooky audio forewarning. For providing the decryption key or say unlocking the document, the attackers ask for a ransom of about $500.

    The attack was first speckled on June 22 by Steven Toole who is a security researcher and is an employee of a security firm called Avanan. Redmond noticed the attack on June 23 and thus began blocking these attachments 24 hours later. Underneath is the screenshot of the virus as it come into sight to the infected Office 365 users:


    According to the inference made by Avanan, an astounding 57% organisations using Microsoft Office 365 on their security platform were under attack at least one time by this malware.

    The latest wave of attacks appears to be a disparity of a virus that was initially detected earlier in March. The recent embodiment of the tool is more equipped and advanced with a capability to sidestep the security tools of the Microsoft Office 365.

    To protect yourself from Cerber ransomware, we advise you to keep your Antivirus updated. You should also disable macros in your Microsoft Office Suite.