Onkyo DP-X1 Google android Audio Participant Review


    High-end sound is still a distinct segment market, yet as of late we’ ve already been seeing the particular genre inching further and additional into the popular. For instance, a number of the reputed headphones we’ ve protected this year , including among the best noise eliminating headphones, package the expertise to handle additional fidelity, during the wi-fi space. What’ s much more exciting with regard to audio fans is that  high-end producers are concentrating on  a lot more capable cellular HiFi options. No longer do you require a full-on desktop collection to achieve righteous  playback.

    This just therefore happens i was given this kind of device to examine, a HiFi  digital participant that’ s i9000 powered simply by Android plus made by an organization with an extended history within the audio picture – Onkyo. The Japanese-based manufacturer is definitely primarily known for premium  A/V home entertainment and stereo system equipment, yet that’ h now transformed as the DP-X1 bursts in to the elite hi-res player world. We’ lmost all examine when Onkyo constructed the ultimate  mobile HiFi player option in our Onkyo DP-X1 Google android Audio Gamer Review .


    Price:   $672 on Amazon . com
    Accessible:   June 2016
    Design:   DP-X1

    Summary:   The particular DP-X1 will be Onkyo’ s i9000 first cellular audio participant, and it strikes the ground working with a sophisticated dual DAC/amp system, complete Android assistance, all the functions for today’ s audiophile, and a high quality metal create. An modest design plus modest battery power slightly keep it back, let alone the top-end pricing, however the DP-X1 remains a winner within our books general.

    What we should Liked

    • Unhindered Android  software program
    • Balanced result option for fans
    • Support to get a wide variety of sound formats.
    • 432GB total storage space capability
    • Audio quality will be top-tier along with the best within its  course

    What We Didn’ t

    • Style is a little toned for an expensive device
    • Have to use well balanced output in order to unleash the particular sound’ t full ability
    • Screen high quality and battery-life could be much better
    • Expensive

    DP-X1  Specifications

    Display four. 7″ 720p LCD
    Storage 32 GB internal + two microSD card slot machine (up in order to 200GB each)
    Electric battery 1, 630 mAh (up to sixteen hours within unbalanced mode)
    Software Google android 5. one 1 (Lollipop)
    DAC Double ESS Sabre ES9018K2M
    Amplifier Dual ESS Sabre 9601
    Sound Outputs Regular 3. 5mm or Well balanced 2 . 5mm (TRRS) slots
    Sound Formats DSD (DSF, DSD-IFF), FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC, MQA
    Impedance Out of balance: 16 — 300 ohms
    Balanced: thirty-two – six hundred ohms
    Rate of recurrence Response twenty – eighty, 000 Hertz
    S/N Proportion 115 die bahn or more
    Cost $672
    Purchase Now


    Onkyo aimed for any design which is as much easy as it is superior for its top-tier portable sound player. The particular device’ t rectangular, hard-edged form might be  as well basic plus understated for the high-end asking price, but wait around until you get hold of it.   The DP-X1 is completely encased inside a premium metallic unibody, conserve for the front side glass for your display plus a  little glass strip  on the back again towards the underside (which all of us assume will there be for antennas that are unable to work through the particular metal such as WiFi plus Bluetooth cellular connections).

    There are several extra sophisticated touches, even though subtle, throughout the chassis. For example, the spherical volume button has a ridged texture and also a gold coating, and the back again casing will be interestingly curved to taper into it. This excellent design choice  gives the DP-X1 character but additionally makes it therefore the volume manage is accessible  from the front side or back again.

    Onkyo DP-X1 Player

    The particular rotary quantity knob is certainly aesthetically fantastic. We just wish that will Onkyo managed to get firmer – it’ h easy to unintentionally turn.

    The inlayed glass panel that will houses the particular modest four. 7″ screen sits get rid of with the framework and at a small asymmetrical positioning. As expected, the particular screen’ s i9000 720p -pixel count plus LCD cell won’ capital t win any kind of quality honours for a cellular device within 2016, however it still will its work all the same. Most  high-end gamers aren’ big t generally screen spec creatures outside of their own audio ability, anyway.

    Onkyo DP-X1 Player

    The 720p 4. 7″ LCD display is not really spectacular yet does the job, along with vibrant colours and good viewing sides.


    You’ lmost all find all the DP-X1’ s i9000 features upon each advantage. Starting at the very top, we have not just one, but 2 audio result ports – a standard three or more. 5mm jack port for the typical headphone, and something that is second . 5mm designed for balanced result (TRRS 4-pole connection). Several high-end sound manufacturers are usually including well balanced capability within their products these days, because of its capability of a cleanser output, plus Onkyo failed to want to be omitted.

    Onkyo DP-X1 Player

    The thin gold plate encompases the gold-plated ports for a few extra gloss.

    The particular DP-X1’ t controls are usually handled over the right-hand part of the gadget, via little circular control keys from top to bottom. These people follow the simple-but-still-premium aesthetic from the rest of the gadget and have an excellent, tactile stiffness to match. All of us wish the particular buttons had been a bit bigger, but it’ s a small gripe.

    Onkyo also amply incorporated 2 microSD cards slots. The particular 32GB bottom storage  that will comes in the product won’ to give you a large amount of audio space, but every microSD credit card slot may take up to 200GB extra – so we’ re taking a look at a total capacity of 432GB whenever all has been said and completed.

    Onkyo DP-X1 Player

    The particular playback control keys on the correct side are usually understated but nonetheless premium. The particular dual microSD card slot machine games are tagged “ 1” and “ 2”.

    Lastly, in the bottom advantage we have the lonely microUSB port. It’ s obviously used for getting, but right here you can also make use of the DP-X1’ ersus USB audio-out function, which is if you wish  to use it  as a supply to an  external DAC.

    Sealed inside is a simple 1, 630 mAh battery power which Onkyo says will work for up to sixteen hours associated with listening, however that’ s below unbalanced weight (and presuming no radio stations use). Hearing offline songs we accomplished results in that will ballpark, yet could just hit around  half of that will figure along with streaming songs enabled.

    Software program

    The DP-X1 has a function that most HiFi audio gamers don’ capital t – the application capabilities of the Android gadget. This versatility allows this to be a lot more than just a very good music player. You can use this to watch movies, browse the web, play video games, or perform pretty much other things that Google’ s Perform Store enables.

    Working the display behind the scenes will be Android edition 5. one (aka Lollipop), which isn’ t the newest version through Google, yet it’ h not even close to it possibly. A  large amount of the Materials Design interface  aesthetics nevertheless in perform in the newest smartphones these days are present, like the 2-motion pull-down notification color and the Current Apps carousel.

    Onkyo obviously throws in the own audio-centric software details, but most from it revolves close to it’ h own HF music application, which all of us consider to become one of the more high quality and processed pieces of participant software around.

    Among Onkyo’ s software program tweaks are usually of course digging in specialized sound options, available from possibly the system configurations or the Onkyo app. Several are user friendliness controls, just like a system quantity limiter or even volume secure for the button, while others enable audio experts to change the particular sound’ h characteristics little bit by delicious, luxurious-sounding little bit.


    The key reason why anyone purchases a dedicated very good music player these days is perfect for superior sound on the go, or else a standard smart phone can provide the same objective just fine. Half the DP-X1’ s internals are  adopted by dual-ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DACs (digitial-to-analog converters) plus dual-ESS Sabre 9601 amplifiers. What’ h more, there’ s the choice for well balanced output along with two individual modes: a typical BTL generate capable of  more power, or even a specialized ACG (Active Manage GND) choice that produces  an even cleanser sound  plus better splitting up. And even though all that seems great in writing, does it suggest anything within real world hearing?

    Onkyo DP-X1 Player

    The particular DP-X1 is definitely rated pertaining to headphone impedances between sixteen and three hundred ohms, which means that it can generate sensitive in-ear monitors or even power starving cans.

    The brief answer can be yes, this is a significant step-up compared to actually today’ ersus top-end mobile phones. Mind you, that will consensus is determined by your earphones and songs files although, as a high-res player is just as good as whatever you give it. For the testing, we all used CD-ripped FLAC plus TIDAL HiFi files, plus Shure SE846 and Sennheiser IE eight hundred headphones. The particular DP-X1 is constantly on the sing properly above the particular grade despite TIDAL loading, where several competitors such as the Fiio X7 may drop victim in order to WiFi transmission interference.

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    So far as the sound high quality goes, it’ s very easily discernible that will Onkyo understands a thing or two regarding the craft. The particular DP-X1’ t default audio signature (via the 3 or more. 5mm port) is best referred to as clinical , where there’ s the deep concentrate on hitting the records as precisely and articulated as possible. We all wouldn’ big t go so far as deem this a “ reference” audio though. There’ s a lot impact within the delivery, in the crisp heights to the bodied sub-bass.

    Splitting up and image resolution are also masterly done, and everything the elements within the sound are usually clearly real for deductive appreciation. Nevertheless , the soundstage could be a lot more expansive, as well as the general duplication could be livelier. Interestingly, once we switched towards the balanced result, both of these criticisms disappear, however the fact the particular balanced setting is the ideal hearing situation simply leaves us just a little mixed. A lot of listeners don’ t use a balanced link or might not care for one particular, so we desire that Onkyo didn’ to tune a lot in its favour alone.


    There’ ersus a lot to think about when looking in a high-end (and correspondingly high-priced) stand-alone sound player; it’ s an expensive investment. The impression from the DP-X1 is the fact that it’ t one of the best you can purchase at the moment, each acoustically plus functionally. It’ s feature-packed with most  of the amusement that audiophiles look for nowadays, such as well balanced output plus practically all of the audio forms you can toss at this.

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    What’ s a lot more, there is full-on Android support  – the rarity amongst audio gamers – as well as the dual DAC/amp system demonstrated to all of us that it has got the chops in order to compete with the best boys. This can be a superb begin for Onkyo in this marketplace, and a must-have for the expensive audiophile in every of us.

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