UK Goverment : Illegally Upload/Download Torrents can put you in Prison For 10 years


    Only few months past, sponsored by the UK IPO (Intellectual Property Office) a study said that the utmost punishment sentence which is being awarded for the intentional or unintentional online copyright infringement is not sufficient.

    This suggestion followed a discussion that resulted in a plan worked out by the United Kingdom Government to augment the utmost prison sentence in such cases to five times as before. If the bill that is proposed is passed in its current form, it will be a bad day for the online pirates as they will face a maximum prison of ten years for such acts.

    At the present, it seems like this proposal or scheme is almost immediately going to become a law, thanks to the Digital economy bill of United Kingdom Government. With an aim to overhaul the existing copyright legislation, this has been carried into the Parliament for discussion.

    Here’s what the anticipated bill with a “small but impactful change” say:-


    The above mentioned study said that such cases of online copyright infringement whether it is unintentional or intentional should be considered same as offences like counterfeiting.

    Before proposing such changes, the United Kingdom Government first well thought-out the voice of the people by initiating a public consultation. However the majority reactions were in against to the prison term, the United Kingdom law makers had in their mind some other plans.

    This proposal is keeping in thought with the requirements of the copyright campaigners that have been demanding tougher sentences for a long time to discourage people from committing such copyright infringement on a such large scales.

    It’s worth understanding that the maximum 10 years sentence will give courts the authority to order a verdict that will be in harmony with the level of offending, which means that a unfussy pirate is not likely to end up with such a large prison sentence of 10 years.